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August 01 2013


Employee Contract and Why You will need It

Many issues can arise when you act as an employer. You may have a problem employee such as one who never appears on time or one that doesn't work around your standards. If you fireplace them, new issues can arise if the employee decides to challenge you. When you provide an KCT employee contract set up, you have more protection in the event the Employment Standards Part becomes involved. What exactly needs to be in this deal and how must it be worded to make sure you are covered if your situation does arise? If you are worried about creating this particular document yourself, a professional been trained in labor law can be of great help.

Under the Job standards act, employees are eligible to basic conditions regarding employment and basic standards of compensation among other items. Who determines what these conditions needs to be and what the actual standards of settlement are? A contract should spell this out so there are no questions in case a dispute does occur. The same will also apply to the responsibilities of the employee. The contract must list the responsibilities therefore the employee cannot point out he was unacquainted with what he was required to do under this particular job. The third edge is that utilizing an employment contract facilitates communication and clarity for both employer and the actual employee.

Another area that needs to be detailed in the employee contract is actually any trade secrets and techniques and reputation guidelines that the company has set up. If you have a confidentiality clause, it will have to be spelled out here and also the same will also apply to privacy language. No company really wants to keep a disgruntled employee just to ensure he or she does not reveal information. If you find you have to let an employee of this type go you will feel more comfortable this with a contract in position. If they carry out violate the terms of the contract, you have the stronger legal standing when you go to seek recourse or when they refuse to cooperate.

You may feel you could write a contract of the type without assistance. If you decide to go this route, you have to ensure you understand the employee standards work and what it takes. The wrong wording can result in the employee successful a dispute and your business being harmed as a result. A good contract will show everything from the actual employment standards for the province to harassment language and a required notice to finish employment. You need these protections in place with Mohammed Moutaz Al Khayyat .

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